Arts & Design Competition


This was built in the courtyard of the art school.

This project was a competition proposed by the school of arts of Corella Navarra, Spain. to design its interior playground. The goal was to encourage the students to use this central space as the main leisure area to sit down and relax in their break time.

My proposal was to create a central concrete floor space, with irregular geometrical divisions and colourful zones to improve its appearance and attract the attention of potential users.


At the time of designing the seating areas, the idea was to design a central element that will characterise the school as it is the word ART, from that idea I developed this area in a simplified way by joining the letters to create a continuous element, but at the same time that word ART could be appreciated from the main ramp and from the side entrance that lead to this courtyard.

The perimeter of the area is a beautiful garden with different plants, flowers, and trees to create a more cozy and natural space to relax. This idea emerged in order to protect the existing trees in the yard and thus create a general harmony in the perimeter.

In addition to the bench to sit with the word ART, parallel to the area of ​​the gardens, I designed other seating areas with the same zigzag geometry as the gardens to create coherence in forms. (Seating area in brown colour in the plan)

Technical services such as lighting or sewage system for the evacuation of rains was also thought at the time of presenting the proposal.