The LOWER GROUND FLOOR. It was thought as a more informal tasting area accompanied by a small menu of tapas. It is a large and open space where can be carried out activities such as conferences, group tastings, private meetings, exhibitions . 

The UPPER GROUND FLOOR was designed to facilitate the shopping experience to the customer and at the same time to attract them to participate in the different activities that are developed around. The shop area occupies the entire interior wall where the windows are, the reason is to take advantage of natural light, and make the shopping experience enjoyable.


Space is divided into two symmetrical curved glass walls, to make the space open, bright, and light, these two curved glass wall closed a conference / private area and on the other side take place a tasting room. Above the tasting room, there is a mezzanine where I placed the office, from where the staff members have the control of the space.


The third area is where the workshops are developed, where the customers design their own wine, customise labels, bottling, and labelling process. There is a wine cellar where the wine is kept by professionals in nitrogen deposits. There are two machines to help with the finish of the product; A machine to bottle the wine and another to label it, also It has four computers for customers to design their label and an exhibition area where the wine process is explained



All the visual perspectives have been created from photographs of the model and photoshop.