The project was thought of as a journey through space, where the user has established the route through the building. The design I tried to communicate the reality behind prostitution.

The first stop for the client is the bar: seductive and cozy. In the second phase, the client will discover a space where They will be able to buy women, this area evokes as a vending machine, where the product, (the women), travel through bridges that are connected to cages where prostitutes lock themselves and wait to be bought. 


The client continues his journey alone through the building to reach the rooms and where the prostitute awaits him. On the way, the man will find A dramatic dark labyrinth area, which creates a disturbing environment. This design has clear reading, It evokes the desperation, the sadness, the captivation, the fear that are behind prostitution.


Upon completion of this passage, the user will enter a waiting room. An Anechoic chamber, this space is a mandatory stop.


Here I wanted to play with the senses of the clients, They will experience the lack of sound, the sensation of stunned loneliness, it is a space that has different heights, it is as if they entered a loop, in a space with no exit. This waiting room is led by a central conical pillar and the chairs are around it. This pillar creates weight in space, which transmits guilt, pain, torment, and points directly to the client.



On the first floor before the client can reach the bedrooms. The Buyers will find a changing area, a very open space with storage space where customers have to keep their belongings including all their clothes in the provided lockers.

Naked, They will walk towards the automatic showers that It will be sensory activated. The design of the showers was considered as a mandatory element to access the rooms, and for the client to feel outraged, insecure, deceived, unprotected and intimidated by the environment. It is a dark space with light bulbs directly to the showers, to create more drama and insecurity.

I designed a perimeter corridors as an exit route It was designed to not be mixed with the design of the space, in addition to being an emergency route in case of fire, this perimeter corridor designed through the entire building has many possible exits directly connected with each stage of the journey, where the client has the option to leave the building at any time easily.



ANECHOIC CHAMBER - waiting room