Ground Floor- Physical Digital Space

Cultural, social and educational project that helps mitigate antisocial behaviour among the young population, where artistic abilities and sports activities help to influence and encourage good living habits and new skills for the future. Moving the youth away from drugs, alcohol, vandalism or any kind of violent actions.

This space builds a support system to everyday reality with its focus on digital technologies and biophilic design. It is a recreational, healthy and educational system that has studied the needs of Boscombe society and provides advantages and opportunities to the youngest population with different activities for the local community.


#BUILDYOUROWNSTORY YOUTH CENTER was designed to enable young people to build the confidence to overcome whatever disadvantage they face and to grow successfully into adulthood, playing their full part in the community.


Technology plays an important role in this proposal, creating the difference between the conventional and the new, Multi-sensory rooms that lead the users to experience different sensations and offering digital programs adapted exclusively for the improvement of antisocial behaviour in a progressive evolution through space

I-Game sport, dance & Taekwondo

Interactive porjection video game cave

Climbing wall Interactive video game

First Floor- Multisensorial Digital Space

Ground Floor- Auditorium Perspective

Digital art experiential tunnel

Cinema and Conference room

Second Floor - Artistic Workshops Area

Second Floor - Artistic Workshops Area

The youth center is a cultural and social space focused on young people where the whole community can participate. This center helps young people with antisocial problems to channel these emotions through facilities that allow them to work on each of their behaviours.


The center offers sports space on the ground floor to work on these more primal behaviours, such as aggressiveness. These activities are offered through digital techniques to encourage young people to participate.


The first floor offers immersive and multi-sensory digital spaces, where users can hang out, relax, in completely different atmospheres that immerse them in peaceful, beautiful, cheerful environments ... to help their thoughts and emotions be released.


The second floor is connected internally to the first floor by means of spiral staircases that evokes the transition to a personal growth level; in this second floor, artistic workshops are offered for young people and other groups of the community, these workshops help the young people to achieve skills that can work outside the center and be productive for the community.


The roof top is a social avenue, a space with beautiful views and pleasant atmosphere where the whole community can enjoy performances, sunny days and good views of downtown and the sea.

Roof Top - Social Venue

Long Section