My idea is to reinvigorate and repurpose Southampton train station in a social events space where users can explore and celebrate the diversity of global cultural identities manifested through the association, I LOVE MUSIC I HATE RACISM.
This association will be host in this space and through the interaction of music, comedy, conferences and documentary films that remix human stories, imagined futures and dream worlds from across the globe. It will make space work 24 hours thanks to its wide range of social activities.
This association will represent the two sides of our society, British people and immigrants in general within the train station.
At the station everyday people from diverse background converge and diverge, generating sometimes conflict  I believe that this organization will play a key role in mitigating these hate situations.


I intend to make Southampton train station as an experimental and
interdisciplinary space that brings together a network of contributors focused on diversity, innovation, and sustainability.
The aim was to create a social meeting place where visitors would be drawn to spend time and share experiences. The design transforms the central space into an immersive architectural environment, full of colour, structure, and topography.
My idea was to organise a multi-functional but visually stimulating space where the collective is in focus, the installation will have characteristics of the urban landscape and It was designed to be temporary. 
It also serves as a social meeting point interactive and multi-functional place where users could enjoy the association’s programming. A point of reference in the Southampton community.
I intend to achieve that the design works as a living sensory sculptural installation or to put it otherwise, as a multi-functional and relational space, where the public is invited to explore, feel, relax, enjoy.