DEAN PARK HOUSE is accommodation for national and international students. The accommodation focuses on young people and their needs, as an individual and as a part of a community, providing them with a warm and homely place to live. Also, Dean park house helps the students with extra support as language class psychological help and advise, This Community allows them to enrich themselves as good people, share and enjoy one of the best stages of their life, the university life. The place promotes new relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and concern for the environment.

Student Accommodation is a project designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and involved the student with nature. All of these activities involve interpersonal relationships between students, collaboration, participation, and unity. Create a place that is not just a place to stay, but a place that is their home to care and respect.

This accommodation is a symbol of a new stage, of maturing and growing up as an adult, educate women and men with values, respect for what surrounds them and open to understanding the rest of the world, empathising with others.

MODEL 1:100


Dean Park House Reception and Cafeteria are open to the public, residents, and members of the staff. The idea was to create a unique and original student accommodation different from the others in Bournemouth, This space was developed for national and international young people.

The Ground floor is the most public and crowded place of the accommodation, the reception is the information point and therefore leads the building, It has its own development zone around the waiting area, and It is well connected with the administrative area and its services for staff members.
The reception gives a warm welcome to the clients as it guides them to a cozy cafeteria that is the attractive point, the cafeteria has a wooden structure that encloses it.

The cafeteria is the point of reference that unites each of the students, making them feel comfortable. It is the meeting point where The students feel taken care through food. It is a bright space full of youth life and warmth of home.
One of the most significant areas for international students is the support area, It is a classroom where They could attempt to language classes, IT skills class or short courses, according to the interest of students. They can also find a student office, it is a more private area where they can receive psychological support.